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Meet the team


The Clod Magazine team is a degenerate, sharp dressing collection of mature souls "Racing to the Middle". For this part fearless, part cowardly mob, every stone is too small  to overturn in their irritating search for truth, or whatever anyone tells them is truth.


J Hackson's murky exploits and agitations have seen him move around a bit over the last decade. He now lives up on the hill in Round Green, although as he is always keen to point out, he's "still well within striking distance of Paris". Hackson loves his shed, from where he disparages and reimagines. Hackon used to be involved in the production of mucky titles, Fingers and High Jump, and has a controlling stake in Let's See Your Breasts independent ART movies. His favourite film is The Omega Man.


Elliot Smoke is a lone slinger; kind of a cross between Jacques Derrida, Inspector Clouseau and an overflowing laundry bin. Smoke used to love yabbering on about eclectic old works of European cinema, then admitting he didn't know WHAT THE HELL he was talkin about. He now hangs out, far too much, in High Town, His favourite film is The Omega Man.


Tim "T" Fitagre's most regular contribution to Clod is the rather lightweight, good-time metaphysical Robust and Snout cartoon, although he's branching out and doing something even puffier with a French sounding name. Fitzagre is also a keen fan The Omega Man movie, as well as collecting rat anecdotes, photographing things, using an orthopaedic chair and maintaining his "interesting" High Town flat. Fitzagre hopes, one day, to join a decent rock and roll band. His favourite film is The Omega Man.


Andy Weizen writes most of Clod Magazine's music on a collection of guitars which occupies most of his small holding in South Beds. Despite his years (many), Weizen is an enthusiastic social media user, even if his various likes, links and activities suggest someone whose abilities to operate in the contemporary world are limited. Still, Weizen is a big noise in the High Town Consultancy, who've been irritating a less than impressive brown chip clientele since 1987. His favourite film is The Omega Man.

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