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Moustache - Clod chance encounter 

Or exploration following  chance appearance of 'Mute' on upper lips while Steve was upping & downing making tea.  52 page A5 inc 50 'mute moustaches' 8 inner pages & full colour cover (thanks Erika!). Silent hair treatments include Tony 'Time Team' Robinson, A Thunderbird, Cpt James Doolittle, Juliet Bravo and Hitler.

Research suggests this will go very; snaffle before it's too late....!


Clod ed 32 launch 17/8/18

 Clod Magazine launches its 32nd edition in The Bricklayers Arms, Luton, on Friday 17 August 2018. This will be a quiet event, in which members of the team will LOITER in the back room, sales will be sluggish and the point of sale progressively pushed aside, behind the Sky Sports "What's Next" posters, and made increasingly blurry through the consumption of whatever 3.8% session ale is on. Here's the Facebook.


Slow Night 23/8/18

A very special blend of acoustic jazz, library, soundtrack, esoteric, exotic, erotic and primitive rock and roll music. But mainly jazz. Reading especially encouraged through the publication of "Fold Editions", a new Clod publication with contributions from the Slow Night gang. We're giving some away on the night; there will be opportunities to buy at a later date. If this wasn't enough, there's the 10 0'clock raffle. All this in Luton's premier spot, The Bear Club. Look up the event here.


Utter! Lutonia 20 6/9/18

A second visit to the Crush Bar. The last event was great. This event will be great. There's speaking poets, the usuals from compere and Luton legend THE Lee Nelson, DJ In Your Face spinning wax and the Luton Haiku book stall. Last time round, the stall hit absolute zero sales. Throw us a bone people, and get down.


Clod 32 

 We've only 'gone and done it' again. A 32nd price hike edition, which comes with your Clod Mag ed 33 kit. Edition 32 features lots of the usual stuff; lists, poor research, opinions, made up stuff, cartoons etc.

It's here, for £3 plus postage and packing.


Arndales Network SE Summer tour 

 Knockouts and Clod Magazine affiliated party pooping rock 4 piece quintet Arndales play in support of their new In The Red Records release Shops. They're at Luton on Friday 13 July, Portsmouth the night after that and London on Saturday August 11th.


Clod Magazine at OOMK, 22.7.18

Hey, thrill seekers! Regenerated Clod Mag will have new fare for OOMK's fair at Somerset House, London. Probably two publications, including Clod Ed 32. This is a two day event; we'll be hanging our stuff on Sunday 22.7.18.

Have a look here for more details.


Utter! 19 in Luton Library, 7.6.18

UTTER! Lutonia 19 will be held in The Crush Bar, Luton Central Library on Thurs June 7th. Doors 7.30pm, show 8pm - £5 or £3 concessions. This event features Rowan McCabe and Susie Sykes. Luton Haiku will HAWK produce, while 'Slow Night Steve' plays occasionally acrimonious 'down time' records. 

The facebook page has more detail.


Clod Mag 31st ed 

From stale biscuit area English. More jinx, including Musical Scales, a guide on how to moan, Quiet Disclosures, Robust, Snout, Abbleau l'oie, Garamond, Mike Levelbadges and the incomparable Peter A. Fantasy.

Pick this never to be repeated mag up from our Bandcamp page. Two quid plus postage only.


All the pubs we've ever been to ever

A new blog looking at pubs, bars and boozers. Beer, characters and all that kind of thing DISCUSSED. It's done by members of the Clod Magazine team. It describes itself as "a scientific study of the contemporary boozer - environs, ales and clientele by The Clay Pipe College (Round Green) est. 2017". Here it is


Light/Shade spoken word & music 10/2/18

Our friends at Utter! and Luton Culture are staging an event on Sat 10 Feb at Wardown House, Luton. Two spoken word acts - Deanne Rodger & Rosie Garland, with music from Slate Islands. Compered by Lee Nelson.

£8 or £5 for concs. Here's the Facebook page.


Slow Night 15/2/18

Clod Magazine Slow Nights follow up their much precedented successes of their 2017 nights with a set of 2018 dates 2018. The first is on Thu 15th February. If Valentine's is a wash out, or if you want to postpone the loving for an evening, get down to the Bear Club, Luton, for some acoustic jazz and curio dj sets from the Clod djs. 10pm raffle? Got it. Here's the Facebook event for the Feb date.


Utter! 18 1/3/18, Luton Hat Factory

If you've not been to the Hat Factory, hurry up because it's going to be revamped. Which could mean that whatever little character it has (a reasonable amount, in fairness) may be processed out of the old place. If you've not been to Utter, it's great. You would like it, maybe? Get a clue from this Faceoff page.


Andy K talks nonsense on a radio show 

Towards the end of 2017, Andy was invited to talk to Dave O'Brien on Dave's Sunday Hangover show on AUK Radio. Andy waffled about the music side of things, from Thrilled Skinny to The Knockouts and Arndales. Plus Clod Magazine, naturally. Here's a link to a few of Dave's programmes.


Clod at Indie Author Day, Luton 27/1/18

Here's something you don't see everyday. Us, touted as "indie author" Or, indeed, us touted as anything other than old guys or bad muvvas. It all changes here. We're involved; we can help you.  Here's the link to the Luton Culture page. Despite appearances, we will be there under the name "Stephen Whiting".


Luton Haiku 5th volume 

Want to know how Luton looked in 2015 and 2016 through a collection of 500 haikus, plus commentary, plus photographs? You do? Well, for the princely sum of £6.50 (plus postage) and a trip to our Bandcamp page, it's all yours.

If this does not appeal to you, you probably need to be on a different website.


Slow Night 2/11/17

Thingy Strange, Lucas Nutella, Morris Piper and Alan Peters inflict seven shades on distraught punds at Luton's classiest joint, The Bear Club.

BUT WAIT, there's more. Clod Mag ed 31 and Luton Haiku vol 5 will be launched! Members of the team may talk about the publications as part of the 10pm raffle (smug book (fiction), "tin" of food and BERET). Look at the event page; it's going to be great.


Arndales, Sebright Arms, London  

Combination rockers Arndales have been up to not much lately, although a gig at The Sebright Arms in London's trendy Eastern End is likely to put the cat among the pigeons. A chance to see Andy, Andy and Jeff Henderson in their "other" band. It's free; here's the Facebook.


Brexit apology cards 

Clod Mag has always been aware of awkward situations. We're delighted to announce the Brexit Apology Pack for those lucky enough to visit the EU in the next few months. The pack contains 31 cards, each carrying a translation apologising for Brexit and pointing out it wasn't your fault.

Though mainly for Remainers, all can join in the fun. Business card size, £5 + p&p from Bandcamp .


A Kingston's writing site 

It's here. It may end well enough. The writer commends the 50 Years of Absurdity and hopes to get one or two comments and a bit of engagement. 

There's a Clod Magazine connection.


Utter! December 2017 

Hey. We missed the last Utter! though we understand our understudies put us to shame. Certainly on the book store. December sees us return with our tails between our legs, spinning and selling. Certainly spinning. Diego Brown and the Good Fairy headlines a veritable feast of Utter!ances. Thursday 7 December, diary enthusiasts. Here's website Facebook with some more details.


Clod Magazine in Glasgow, 2/9/17 

Following recent London fairs, a Clod-egation will make its way to the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Sauchiehall Street for a first Scotland trip since the Thrilled Skinny days at Davy's (Gourock). Mag editions, t-shirts the Brexit pack and Knockout merch likely to feature. Come have a chat


Utter! Lutonia 16 

Luton Haiku and DJ Steve Whiting support, endorse and hang around a bit before, during and after this event in the same way as before. Except there are issues over who's  about manning the stall.

See how this resolves and feast your eyes on the line up while giving the event the thumbs up it deserves on the event Facebook page.


Slow Night, 24/8/17

Get jazz in your life! Join Clod Magazine DJs for the 3rd "Slow Night" at The Bear, Luton and WOW to jazz, soundtrack, esoteric woof-woof, library and primitive R'n'R. Not sure this is for you? It is!

One of a number of similarly very cool events in August at The Bear. Here's an event page.


Clod Magazine at 3rd Small Press Day

Last year's event at London's ICA was a blast, so we're over the flippin' moon to be involved this year as well. Here's some info on the ICA site. Saturday 8th July, where, for the price of a day's membership, you can put yourself in the very centre of London's ICA and hang out with two of the Clod team and chat about art and stuff. The whole thing looks brilliant.


The Knockouts, Hitchin & Luton 

The Knockouts play summer shows in Hitchin - with  John Hegley, The Mighty Collider and DJ Crazyfish - on Fri 9 June. This is followed by an all ages, dry weather outside afternoon show at the High Town Festival, Luton, on 1 July.


If you like "that sort of thing", Clod Magazine-related band Arndales play The Well on the same evening at about 8.30-pm. See The Knockouts website and Facebook pages for the John Hegley gig and the High Town Festival.


Utter! Lutonia 15 

Fair to say there's a musical feel for the next Utter! Lutonia, the 15th in the series (swoon). Acts include Slate Islands, Slippy Skills, while Stephen Whiting (artist) plays interval music and the Luton Haiku bookshop (surly) will both be on hand to help MC Lee Nelson keep things in order. Here's the Facebook page.


Installation: Museum, 8/5 - 12/5/17

As part of 'TestBeds' , Clod Magazine's Stephen Whiting has transformed the gallery space at the University of Bedfordshire's Campus Centre into his own grass roots vision of the town. 

Only open for the week; open to all comers. Public? Yep. Come one, come all. More details of Stephen's museum and other events for  on this website page. Stephen's blog for the project is here.


Clod at DIY Cultures, London, Sunday 14 May

Clod Magazine pack lunch and make themselves available but dodging questions at the DIY Cultures event on Sunday 14 May 2017. A brand new publication will be up for sale; for a look at the cover of Eight Years of Radio, peek at the mag stand. Find out how DIY Cultures explores intersections of art and activism on their page, over here. The fair runs from 12pm - 7pm;  Facebook event page.


Clod DJs' Slow Night, Thursday 4 May

Following the relative success of the inaugural Slow Night, Clod Magazine music DJ people persuaded The Bear to let them come back down for a second night . For anyone thinking "oh Christ", this is The Knockouts, it's not. It's a mix of jazz, soundtrack and moron music, crossing continents, decades and devices. This edition may feature DJ Fitzagre, who's got some Jack Arel on his iPod.

More on Facebook.


Luton 1970s recollections

If you haven't been down to J Hackson's The 1970s Were Here exhibition in Luton's Cultural Quarter, you're in for a treat on Thurs 30 March. In among a few artists and a announcements, Hackson will be knee deep in a 'Luton in the 1970s' informal recollection, forum from 5pm-8pm which will also, in some shape , feature Spon from punky UK Decay and jazzy Perry Louis.

Further details from Luton Culture . Hint - Hackson will be chatting, in person, at 5pm.


J Hackson curates Luton 70s project

The J Hackson curated "The 1970s Were Here" show opens on Tuesday 28th February in The Store Front, Bute Street in tandem with John Myers’ exhibition of 1970s photography, "The World is Not Beautiful" at the Gateway Gallery, The Hat Factory".

The exhibition will then run from March 2 - April 29. Patrons are invited to contribute and share items to the ever evolving show, which should prove a whole heap of fun. Details on the As You Change So Do I website.


Utter! Luton 14.
2 March 2017.

Can you believe it? The 14th Utter Lutonia, in new-ish home at the Cavernish setting at Luton's Hat Factory. Has the real Lee Nelson been knighted yet? Last time I checked he hadn't. Yeh I know. Nuts.

You decide. Stephen Whiting musical inserts and the Luton Haiku grabitandflogum bookstore. There's a Facebook page here.


Clod 30 est arrive

Things have been so quiet news-wise lately. Here, to bust all that up, is notice that edition 30 Of Clod Magazine is ready for ordering at Bandcamp. Highlights include: - further adventures of Robust and Snout, 'Bittish Make-off' Brexit centre spread, tales from Peter Fantasy and the return of Dirk Pearl.

It's the NUTS.


Slow Night at The Bear Club 9/2/17

Clod is set to spin what we consider decent jazz and related music at Luton's excellent Bear Club. Great if you're looking for boozy relaxation and a backdrop of difficult, snobby music.


The first of what we hope will be a regular spot will be on Thursday 9th February. There's a Facebook page here and event page here.


Clod: "funniest magazine on the planet"

We've had our suspicions for some time. It's now been confirmed on the very excellent Include Me Out blog. Hugely humbling and a big thanks to Robin Tomens.


Utter! 12! 13! 1976!


Local artist and piano Stephen Whiting and the original line-up Luton Haiku book stall return for the 12th and 13th time palying for Team Utter! before the year's out, on Thursday 1st September and Thursday 1st December.

Peerless compere Lee Nelson is also MC-ing a punk poetry night with Attila The Stockbroker and others. We may be there in our selling and/or interval capacities. This event is on Thursday 17th November.


Knockouts Levels; Are Went video 

Double helping of Knockouts news. Most exciting is our slot at the Levels Festival on Sat 8 October, w sharing the bill with The Fall and Lee Perry. That's right; The Fall and Lee 'Scratch' Perry. And a load of other bands besides, including Andy, Elliot and Jeff's poprock Three Counties noisers, Arndales. Facebook page here.

Also, the Are Went videos are now online (Side One and Side Two). These films were shown at the album launch event at The Bear Club in 2015 and are best enjoyed with the curtains drawn and some Polish lager.


Fantastic Life Colouring Book

J Hackson  shows how colouring books should be. Summer 2016 sees the publication of Clod Magazine's Fantastic Life Adult Colouring Book and the team throwing its lot in with a discredited fad once again.

This is an excellent publication on 'real' paper with 60 pictures to colour. Each picture captioned. Only £5 for UK customers, plus p&p from Bandcamp.


Stephen Whiting paints large mural

Following a few hi octane shows where, nonetheless, The Knockouts struggled, artist and top bohemian Stephen Whiting offered to paint the new mural at The Edge nightclub in Luton. Here's a picture;


Most people who've seen it seem to be giving positive views. Go look at some of Stephen's other work on his website


Clod Magazine at ASP2, ICA London 10/9/16

We're delighted to have been invited to the 2ndArtist Self-Publishers' Fair at the ICA on Saturday 10th September. Come see us in our natural habitat with around 70 other exhibitors.


We'll have recent publications, packed lunches and will be checking on how the Hatters are doing. The Fair begins at 11; for more info, look at the ICA's site.


The Knockouts return to The Edge, 15/7/16

Clod Magazine in-house, rickets-ridden varicose punksters The Knockouts have been asked and are delighted to confirm another appearance at the rather good Edge in Luton on Friday 15th July, before the young people come in and make a nightclub.   The Knockouts will be playing with Sans Pareil.


The Knockouts at 2016 High Town Festival

Hey pop fans. Once again, The Knockouts will be providing all ages music for all ages at the High Town Festival on 2 July. KOs will take the stage in the Burr Street car park at around 3.30pm. It's outdoors; it's free. It's like the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s never happened. Here's a Facebook. proving they all did.


Utter Lutonia 11

Utter has now been running Luton for over two years. Nearly three, in fact. This 11th outing sees Lee Nelson, MC, marshall his bunch of spoken performers at Luton's prestigious and almost forgotten Hat Factory. Here's a page with more info and a lovely picture of Lee Nelson. You'll notice it's not that one. J Hackson will be providing musical interludes; Elliot Smoke mans the stall.


Clod Magazine 29th edition

The 29th edition of Clod Magazine will be ready very soon and in time for the Lutonia Spoken Word festival, running between 5 March and 2 April this year. We're running a fest-free launch on Friday 18th March in the Bricklayers Arms in High Town, Luton.


Look out for news about what's in this edition (no spoilers, although there is a colouring in section), which - along with recent back issues, is available from Bandcamp.


Knockouts in double gig shocker

Clod Magazine house band The Knockouts are playing two dates. On Saturday 5 March 2016, we're playing a sold out Bear Club, Luton, supporting The Monochrome Set, before heading off for our first London gig in eight years at The Stag's Head, Hoxton. This event is less likely to sell out; there is a Facebook event page for it.


March 2016; two Utter!s

Business as usual for first of two Utter!s, as team descends for their first Tuesday of alternate months on The Little Cafe in High Town, Thurs 3 March for a show featuring Jeff Henderson and friends.


There will also be an Utter! Fringe event at The Hat Factory on Thurs 10 March at the Council's Wordfest. Or 'WordFestival'. Clod will be skulking , although Stephen Whiting will spin discs and Luton Haiku's 'effin disaster pop-up book stall' will pop-up at both events.


Clod Magazine at Future Library Publishing Fair 19/12/15

Clod Magazine will be at the Future Library Publishing Fair on Saturday 19 December. All the usual wares; stock up for a disappointing Christmas. The fair takes place at Open School East (43 De Beauvoir Road, London N1 5SQ) from 2-7pm. Here's the Facebook page; hope to see you there.


The Knockouts are Went

Clod Magazine house band The Knockouts are delighted to announce the release, on 23 October 2015, of vinyl long player, The Knockouts Are Went. Available  as either the vinyl itself with a download card, or as a high quality .wav, both from Bandcamp. Not sure why it's high quality; the recordings are desperately rough and 'shoved together'.


The boys are making all the usual noises about rewriting rock history, though in truth, no one wants them to play.


The Knockouts play Luton Fri 11 December

The Knockouts support the release of The Knockouts Are Went with a rare performance at The Edge Nightclub in Luton, on Friday 11 December. We'll be on early supporting Pure Beauty which should be fun. We'd love to promise some kind of surprise, but it'll just be the usual sort of thing.

This is a FREE event, mind, and those attending will be entitled to free entrance to Dark Party.


Utter Lutonia 9

High Town once again rocks and reels to the noise of some poems being read in a downstairs room of an excellent cafe. This time round? Well, there's ShannonWaters, Danni Antagonist, MurphyMacLean, Oliver Dixon, Lee Nelson and possible others. All detailed on the Facebook page, where you can give an indication of whether or not you're going to, or are thinking of attending.


Steve will be there playing records; the Luton Haiku bookstall bloke is rehearsing in a band so won't be.


Knockouts Appelskruut video

Clod Magazine house band The Knockouts are indebted to Czech emigre film maker Dan Mudford, Balham for the production of a rather strange and beautiful video for Appelskruut, one of the more 'composed' tunes on the forthcoming The Knockouts Are Went album.


It's a real peach and on youtube here. Dan's website is well worth a visit; go in and say hello.


Luton Haiku 4

The 4th of the Guinness World Record boasting Luton Haiku is now available via Bandcamp. And guess what? You can BUY THE OTHER THREE volumes there too, at a slightly reduced rate.

We're trimming our production to an initial run of 100. And that will probably be that, unless things go really well. So, if you want haikus covering 2013 and 2014 - including three exclusive contributions by John Hegley - get ordering!


Molecule at Bear Club 22/10/15

The Knockouts take over Luton's excellent Bear Club on 22 October to launch their new long player Are Went, the 4th Luton Haiku collection and ed 28 of Clod Magazine. Why the chaps set themselves up to fail so spectacularly is a mystery.


Here's a Facebook link. The KOs want to have a nice time and want you to have a nice time, so we're getting  local rap sensation Slippy Skills to play live instead of us.


Utter! Luton 3/9/15

The Luton Haiku will, once again, be manning the book stall at the 8th Utter! Luton event in High Town on Thursday 3 September. In even better news, intros and intervals music will be covered by the ever excellent "I Play Records at Your Place" chap.


For up to date info on the bill and details on the Petite Cafe in High Town Road, go look at the Facebook event page.


ICA Artist Self Publishers' Fair, 12/9/15

Clod Magazine is delighted to announce it will be at the Artist Self Publishers' Fair at the ICA on Saturday 12 September. A chance, then, to hang out with at least and possibly only one member of the team and a chance to buy our wares.


This is an inaugural event. We're very excited and implore to also be very excited. I mean, just have a look at the ICA website, for a start.


Knockouts live download

Clod Magazine heart throb house band The Knockouts have a new  online only download release of Operation Warm Water. Included are four tracks from the Luton Aid show last summer and a split between two oldies - KO Theme and Maison d'Etre - together with newer tracks Appelskruut and Vintage Loan Company.




Stephen Whiting, artist

Clod Magazine honcho Stephen Whiting has launched a site dedicated to his artworks. And splendid stuff it is too. Not sure what any of it means, but look here,then here.

Someone; give Steve gallery space and some ruddy credit.


Utter! in new venue, 5/3/15

Clod Books, in the guise of the Luton Haiku pop-off book shop, will again be manning up in support of Utter!, for their sixth show on Thursday 5 March. Confirmed acts include Nat the Hammer, Konni Deppe and Shadwell Smith. Here's a Facebook.


The event, which forms part of the Luton Word Festival, takes place in The Petite Cafe, 82 High Town Road. 


Clod Magazine at Bear Club

Likely to be the year's last official Clod outing. Doubtless there'll be a team at the Brickies quiz, but as far as "stuff strutting" is concerned, this will be it.


Clod will be supplying the excellent Bear Club with a disc jockey on the evening of Thursday 11th December for an intriguing mixture of wonderful music and terrible equipment.


KO Bunch of Crook's

Knockouts prepare for the "are Went" album with a  download of  faves recaptured in raw form with the addition of Jeff's bass. Six tracks in all, in glorious un-real electric download. From our Bandcamp page, .


On the Rails

Clod Magazine Books  announce the release of Elliot Smoke's trans-USA rail-ridin' epic first realised through Blog form. You can buy the 120 full colour publication online at our Bandcamp store (£15 inc p&p; sorry).


Clod in very good short film

Top Lutonian and good egg Mr John Harper has produced a rather splendid, medium paced short film about Clod Magazine. We are indebted and rather humbled. Here it is, in wonderful youtube, with a lovely dedication right at the end.


Utter! June 4th

Seventh spoken word show in Luton (again, at The Petite Cafe in High Town Road) and the opportunity to support local poets and a few from further afield. And a chance to 'wow' to the Stephen Whiting disco and buy Clod Magazine (new edition) and books (poetry included).


Here's a Facebook event with details.


Scoop purchase; Clod Magazine ed 28 now out 

We're delighted to advise that edition 28 has now come back all trimmed, oranage and ready to go, for only £3 (includes p&p anywhere). Lots more swear words than usual, so may not be suitable for children.


If you'd like to join our mailing list for up to date news, contact us.


Alternative Press take over 9 May 2015

Clod Magazine, together with the excellent Dekkle Press, will be at The Alternative Press Fair take over in Tanner St, SE London, on Saturday 9 May. Go say 'hi' to Hackson, pick up the 28th edition of Clod Magazine and try Elliot Smoke's print version of his On the Rails blog.


Logistics and all that links here.


Stephen Whiting, Drawn Together

Clod Magazine honco and artist  Stephen Whiting has a work at the Drawn Together exhibition at The Hat Factory, Luton. The exhibition, WHICH IS GOOD and which looks at different interpretations of the communuity and should be sought out between 5th and 31st March 2014.


Sheffield Zine Fest 14/3/15

Clod Magazine will venture north, up Motorway One to Sheffield, for this year's Sheffield Zine Fest, which will be held at Electric Works. Thus presenting Clod with a rare chance to look at South Yorkshire and vice versa. We're nervous that no one will come and say 'hello', so please do.


We will be selling the usual array of nonsense.


Utter! with
John Hegley


After the success of the Bear Club event featuring the sublimely excellent Simon Munnery, Utter! returns to Marjorie's on Thurs 4 December.

Details herebooked are John Hegley, Helen Ivory, Martin Figuera, Fran Isherwood, Andrew Brown, Rachel Black and James McKay. Clod will again man the stall and Stephen Whiting, DJ, fills gaps. 


Not Unreasonably Priced Fair


Clod Magazine/White Pipe's annual Not Unreasonably Priced Fair will again be held at the wonderful Scandinavia Cafe and Restaurant on High Town Road, Luton, on Sunday 30 November.

More details on the Facebook event page.


Guinness Book of Records

The Clod Magazine team has pulled some low level stunts, but now, we've hit The Guinness Book of World Records, having clinched the non-contested world record of publishing the highest number of haikus about the same town. Disbelievers; try this link. If not, go look for Luton Haiku on page 254. We're there, dammit. Not, sadly, that anyone is really that bothered.


Publish and Be Damned is Dead! Long Live Publish and Be Damned!

Clod Magazine was one of 50 stallholders at the inaugural Three Letter Words event at the Rochelle School in London's trendy Shoreditch area on Saturday 22 November. Details here.


Simon Munnery, Clod and Utter! at The Bear 


Top comedian and cultish good egg Simon Munnery appears in a joint Clod Magazine and Utter! presentation at Luton's newest hip venue, The Bear Club


Put the date in your diaries - Thurs 2 October. Here's the Facebook page telling you all about it.


Clod 27 at
The Common


Clod will launch its 27th ed at the Midas Touch event, The Common. Last year's event at The Edge was excellent and featured a piece by J Hackson. 

We will be at The Common, selling #27. The event will take place at The Freeholder in High Town, Luton.


Knockouts and Arndales dates 

The Knockouts &Arndales play Luton Aid on 29 Aug. The Knockouts also support Big Boss Man at Luton's Bear Club, on Saturday 11 Oct 2014.

Arndales play Harlow Square on Friday 26 Sept, before appearing early at The Garage (London) on 10 Oct, and Brighton Cowley Club, on 8 Nov. 


The Knockouts - "Bay of Biscay"


Clod Magazine house band The Knockouts have released "Bay of Biscay", an unacceptable palate of noise on Legendary High Town. NO EAR WORMS here. Download for a fiver, and cd from £6 here.


Arndales have had "Dog Hobbies USA" release by In the Red Records finally come to fruition.


Utter Lutonia 4

While the High Town Festival see The Knockouts terrifying audiences with noise on the Saturday, Friday 4 July sees the fourth installment of Utter , featuring spoken word. That sort of thing. As ever, Luton Haiku and Clod Magazine will be running the book stall, with super DJ Stephen Whiting ably spinning the discs in between halves of the show.


Clod Magazine interview

Portugese literary blogsite and magazine Enfermaria 6 has posted an interview with the Clod team. The intro's in Portugese, our prattle in workaday "English". Thanks and respect due to Helena B.


Utter Lutonia 3

Another Utter night in Luton, in which Clod and Luton Haiku sell their grubby wares and White Pipe-ist Stephen Whiting cranks up the tunes in between two sets of the finest spoken word available.


London Radical Bookseller & Alternative Press Takeover 10 May

Does  RADICAL exist in London anymore? Find out and visit Clod in the process, as we join the  Alternative Press at the Bishopsgate Institute (EC2M 4QH) for a day of alternative and small presses as part of this year's London Radical Bookfair. As you'd expect, there's a Facebook group with all the details you'd need to get there


New York launch

We're delighted to announce the stateside launch of the Americana edition 26. J Hackson will beat the streets in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and we're grateful to the kind hospitality of  the excellent folk at Printed Matter, for a 5pm - 7pm slot on Saturday 12 April. Facebook event details are both here and here.


Clod Edition 26


Scant weeks it seems since Clod 25 was released and WE'RE showing our number 26. It's got all the usual stuff in it, plus some especially considered American content to celebrate Elliot Smoke's recent trip, and J Hackson's forthcoming one.


Clod 'On the Road'


Clod will have a presence at two events in the coming weeks. On Sat 15 Feb 2014, we'll be at South Kilburn Studios, 2a Canterbury Road, NW6 5SW London. On the evening of Thur 6 March, we will be running a book stall at the  Utter! Spoken Word event in Marjorie's, High Town, Luton. 




The Knockouts live 

Clod Magazine house band limber up for no reason with a brace of gigs, the first as part of the High Town Festival on 5 July, in a late pm show in the Burr Street car park. The 2nd is Luton Aid , arnival Arts Centre on Fri 29 Aug (stage time c.10pm). Also on the bill, about an hour earlier, are Arndales, featuring Clod Mag's Westmalle and Smoke.



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