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Fold editions

Past editions

Fold editions brings together contributors from within but also outside the Clod Magazine team. Here's a list of editions we've published:

  • Volume Twelve - Parenthood; short stories by Claire Foskett and Kate Packman

  • Volume Eleven - 33 Collected Poems, by Albert Randé

  • Volume Ten - Wardown Poets vol 1

  • Volume Nine - Wibble's Gig List

  • Volume Eight - Where Rambles Turn into Gambles (Part 1) - a dozen Luton footpaths reported

  • Volume Seven - 2019/2020 Football Handbook - Half time treats guide to Luton Town season

  • Volume Six - The Fear of Jazz (Slow Night 2/5/19); short story and drawings

  • Volume Five - Cheap Music, by Lee Nelson (fiction)

  • Volume Four - Brilliant Corners (Slow Night 7/2/19 tie in) - short stories, essay, pictures

  • Volume Three - Slow Night tie in, 1/11/18 – story, essays

  • Volume Two - The Moon Under the Water, George Orwell 1946 revisited; essay

  • Volume One - Slow Night tie in, 23/8/18; short stories

Calling all Luton-local and/or Clod-friendly writers...

Clod Magazine and Utter! Lutonia invite submissions for a short story collection, to be published as one of Clod's regular ‘Fold’ print editions.


This is your opportunity to be part of a showcase of local creativity, be part of a positive project for the area, and get your name in print.


You don’t have to be a published writer, and your story doesn’t have to be about Luton. The only requirement is that you are from or live in (or near) Luton, and that your story is less than 3000 words.


The editors will be looking for stories that demonstrate a fresh angle or an unusal style or voice. Beyond that, go where you will . . ., though be minded that the editors are not looking for submissions which – in our view – are in any way off colour.


(For the record, we don’t mind a bit of puerile or scatological content, but aren’t looking for texts which might over-stimulate xenophobes, misogynists etc).


We will be looking to give each edition a theme, but these themes will fall out of the submissions we receive.


Copyright in all submissions remains with the author but submission will be taken as permission for us to use the story in this, and potential future reprints or anthologies of the collection. Fold will not be in a position to pay for submissions, though each published author will receive two free copies. Authors may be invited to make minor edits and/or proof corrections if the Fold team is interested in taking your work forward.

There is no specific timeline or time constraint for Fold editions. We'll put them out as and when we receive and contributors are happy with our proposal for publishing. Those that have a Luton theme will be more likely to be tied in with Utter! spoken word events in the town. 

Fold editions are printed in micro batches (typically 20-40 copies of each edition).


Please fill in the form below if you would like us to consider a short story, with brief details on the length and content or themes of your piece. At this stage, do not send us the story itself; we will get back to you. If you have an idea for a Fold ‘takeover’ (i.e. for a complete edition), then please let us know.

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